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Diana Frese
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Re: Names For Aikido Soap Operas

Another great one, though I never saw the show, being in the US.

I seem to hold my own in the Metaphors for Teaching thread, but have only come up with some associations for here. wanna read them?

The Young and the Restless reminds me of what both Yamada Sensei and Saotome Sensei said about 4th dans getting especially rowdy, back in the old days.

Of course on occasion,shihans too, later on....

Visiting Kanai Sensei's dojo in Boston once a month for several months with the blessing of my assistant who told me to steal techniques so they could steal them from me, and practicing in the middle of the mat (not the front!) with a non yudansha who was very very good, I heard him say, "Sensei's getting rowdy today, Sensei's really mixing it up!" (Some American phrases I first heard in a dojo setting...)

Party of Five reminds me of someone really enjoying his or her shodan test freestyle .....

Looks like I still have Aikido on the brain. Looks like I have to sew up some ties for the hakama I made years ago until I can afford to buy a new one. Yamada Sensei told me to fix the old ones years ago (Hakama wo naose! he said one time when I visited NY) but they had been fixed too many times already. See, I did practice once upon a time....

Thanks for the memories even the humor sections bring up, they will get me back on the mat.

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