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Re: Aikido Celebration 2011 - Feb 18-21, 2011 in Hawaii

Asim Hanif wrote: View Post
Chris, congrats to you and everyone involved in making the Aikido Celebration happen. I've heard nothing but great things about the event. I'm sorry I couldn't be there but was definitely there in spirit.
It took a great effort and all the event handlers deserve our thanks.

Thanks Asim, we survived (mostly) intact and it seems that things went well, without any really disastrous glitches (plenty of minor ones, of course!).

It was big step for Hawaii, both in the various dojo working together and in the scale of the event. I was able to meet and make friends with people that I've never seen before - many of them from Hawaii!

I'd like to thank everybody who came and helped make it such a memorable event.



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