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Ross's aikido questionnaire feedback


Back in April last year I posted a questionnaire on aikiweb to collect data for my dissertation project, and received many very helpful responses from aikiweb members.
Having now completed my dissertation (endeavoring to be mindful of aiki principles 'extension' was not a concept that was lost on me during that period) I am able to offer some feedback of results etc to those who might be interested - either as a full, or summarized version.
If you would like a copy of either, please feel free to get in touch; through this thread, or by sending a message to my profile here on aikiweb, and I will then be able to email you the attachment.
Finally, many thanks again to all of you that helped by taking part. It struck me on a number of occasions whilst going through the data the level of sincerity and attention given by participants. Aikiweb was by far and away my most fruitful means of gathering data.


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