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Re: Silk reeling

Wait, here's something from one of the "metaphor people"

I read on the first page of this new thread that the silkworm makes the cocoon in a spiraling movement and that rang a bell. It kind of appeared in my mind when I woke up this morning.

Previously I had thought silk reeling had to do with people reeling cloth that had been made out of silk, either for washing, or folding it. Maybe I thought of the fluttering silk in the gymnastics exercises until I read the clarification, I think it was Mike who wrote it.

So it's what the silkworms do, not what the people do that the metaphor refers to.

The spiral was one of the first things Saotome Sensei used as an example of Aikido following the principles of nature. I also have a book on Architecture, called Origins of Form which also mentions the spiral seashell which was mentioned by Saotome Sensei.

Now we have a link that we can make in our minds from a Chinese teacher of Chinese arts to a Japanese teacher of Aikido .....

Basic structures and concepts from Nature...


Then later in that same post the practical problem of shoulders is attended to, the hara is mentioned etc....

My question was answered, sorry to reply so late in the thread. Not that I understand completely, but I understand a lot more than I did before.

Thanks. Now that I got that part, and expressed gratitude for it, I'll check out the other posts....
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