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Mike Sigman
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Re: Silk reeling

Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
I am getting so tired of pissing contests.....
I agree with that, but one time, a few years back, I let a group of people just continue with the personal attacks and after 4 days, no one had called for the senselessness and childishness to stop. As soon as I finally replied, several people suddenly saw fit to talk about "pissing contests", etc., although they hadn't said a word up until then. As soon as I replied, Jun did a "time out" on me and it was a shared blame thing. Now I generally wait a while to see if anyone is going to complain as long as it's one-sided. Funny thing is I never see the complaint until I finally respond to a lot of personal attacks.

Can you and Matt point out to me where you've said anything during the recent archived posts where Mark Murray and Dan have both continuously made personal attacks for a while before I responded? It's just a curiosity of mine about human behavior.


Mike Sigman
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