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Mark, you don't have the foggiest idea what reeling-silk is. You guys lurk on material swiped by your Seattle buddy from QiJin and try desperately to make a patchwork quilt of ideas become a "system". If you want to debate facts, debate 'em. Show me up with your massive knowledge. Surely you guys can stoop low enough to debate a topic if you can stoop low enough to get information from QiJin?

Mike Sigman
Uh, Mike, you are basically stating that I don't know anything. You're stating that I swipe material. For the record, I didn't. And you continually keep trying to get other people to toss out information when you, yourself don't.

Jun, are you getting this? These continual passive/aggresive style attacks on people by Mike should be stopped. I'm officially and publicly reporting the above post as an attack on my character. Can you do something to stop Mike from continually doing this to me and other people? Thank you.
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