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Heh. Stop with the insults, Dan. You're the one who's desperately been grabbing information from me for years. A lot of people know it.

If you want to debate something about breathing or silk-reeling or anything fact-based, start it off. Let's see it. See if you can do something besides attack me personally.

Mike Sigman
Have you debated any one of my on topic points about what you said about silk reeling and Chinese arts with verifiable sources that they all agree to?
Have you answered anything at all about the topic you brought up?
About Ueshiba's breath training as certified and agreed to by anyone- instead of something you leaned elsewhere?

I have asked about your student base before to vet you and your methods...even though I give you the benefit of the doubt, and still recommend people go to train with you. I get nowhere. I am left to say "His methods and skills as a teacher are unproved, but he personally has skills."
Seriously, why is asking you questions, not getting any answers, while you continue to state that anyone who talks about these things should be How does that work?
Can you defend/ explain that logic?

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