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Mike Sigman
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Re: Silk reeling

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
You know, all your talk about silk reeling and breathing exercises is actually something else. My recommendation to you, Mike, is to stick with explaining absolute breathing basics and then branch out into reeling silk explanations only after you've truly ingrained the basics.
Mark, you don't have the foggiest idea what reeling-silk is. You guys lurk on material swiped by your Seattle buddy from QiJin and try desperately to make a patchwork quilt of ideas become a "system". If you want to debate facts, debate 'em. Show me up with your massive knowledge. Surely you guys can stoop low enough to debate a topic if you can stoop low enough to get information from QiJin?


((from 2007 through the present))

> A nice lady from the Roppokai
> came to train at Aunkai a few weeks back, and she also trains with Dan
> Harden. She then boasted about how Dan gets all the QiJin information
> that is supposedly private, since he has someone on the inside passing
> it on to him. Since she did boast about it pretty publicly, I thought
> you might want to hear it too, if only for confirmation of what you
> suspected in any case.
Mike Sigman
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