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First, you brought my post over from another thread. Now who's harassing whom?

Second, let's examine what I said in that other thread:

Notice that I predicted exactly what Mike would do. He stayed very true to form and tried to turn things around. But, notice, which Mike conveniently hides, that I *never* talked about silk reeling. Mike did. And he did so while making everyone else out to be subpar in their understanding of it.

To re-quote Mike, "it's perfectly legitimate if someone claims to be doing "silk reeling" or some other buzzword to ask them to explain it."

As noted below, you still haven't explained the buzzwords you used to describe your knowledge of Ueshiba's breathing practices or Ueshiba's traditional system. Care to elaborate on that? Or just remain true to form and ask me to explain my knowledge first?
Oh I think it's time to be more specific

Breath work
Lets have Mike factually site a detailed and verified how-to specific from Ueshiba that ANYONE can lay claim to

Silk reeling
Then factually site a detailed and verified model for silk reeling agreed to among a cross section of ICMA master class teachers.

I don't mind that Mike is an unproven amateur teacher on the scene. he has real skills so all the power to him. But this cat and mouse pretending to know more than everyone,else and pretending this is all codified and agreed to by everyone in the Chinese community is simply unsupportable nonsense, mostly patched together from an outsider looking in. The Chinese teachers do no agree any more than the Japanese do. The very idea that the Chinese or anyone else agrees on all aspects of IP is ludicrous..There are arguments at master class level over peng, over the use and understanding of six harmonies, over breath power (type, use, when to begin...if taught at all), Silk reeling, training of Dantian etc..

*Mike has ya'll convinced THEY all agree and he knows the answers. So, where are these pros backing up Mikes "theories as unanimous codified facts of IP?"
They do not exist.

*Where are his students who have power ...from years ago...who have a long standing relationship with him that can vet his own understanding and methods to teach from way back?.

He just openly stated he laughs at Koryu and Daito ryu secrets
Is this a personal attack to challenge his ideas?
Is this bickering to question unsupported claims of high level knowledge he holds but never discusses?
To point that he has not produced long time students?
He openly stated asking was something everyone should do
Okay...since you keep bringing it up Mike, let's

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