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Let's see what Mark knows first.

Mike Sigman
Since some people are not following along, let me re-iterate specific points.

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In terms of Aikido and the future of it, it's perfectly legitimate if someone claims to be doing "silk reeling" or some other buzzword to ask them to explain it. To just dumbly nod without anything going through the head but fleecy clouds is to ask for trouble. The idea that anyone can assert anything publicly and that no one is allowed to ask questions is a sure sign of trouble in an art.

Any discussion about a 'future' should allow for critical and specific questioning (not some of these "I demand you explain this" absurdities to crop up occasionally on the forum).

Mike Sigman
Mike, you talked about reeling silk and I took your very own advice to ask you to explain it. You not only balked, but you told everyone to just go back to basic breathing practice. Then, true to form, you attempted to get other people to explain what you, yourself, were talking about.

You know, all your talk about silk reeling and breathing exercises is actually something else. My recommendation to you, Mike, is to stick with explaining absolute breathing basics and then branch out into reeling silk explanations only after you've truly ingrained the basics.
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