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Bruce I grew up in a place called Clay County Kentucky. There was an unemployment rate of over 94%, the highest teenage dropout rate in the state, the highest teenage pregnancy rate of any county in the nation, the number one marijuana producer for three years running, and a violent crime per capita rate equal to New York City. When you consider that there were only about 2000 people in the county seat population certain things become evident. Certain violent crimes get ruled out. There were only three armed robberies in my twelve years there, an only one drive by in the history of the county. That leaves mostly just the various kinds of assault to make up that violent crime statistic. I realize that's not the ghetto, but the ghetto didn't have anything on us. That environment was almost animalistic at times. Some of us lived by instinct alone. Everyday was an exercise in fear and survival. I sought out the martial arts not to learn self defense despite all that. I sought out the martial arts to overcome that nature.

I'm still learning. I have a tendency to growl and try to stare down other potential males. I know that seems silly, but I lived with it every day. I'm still very protective of my pack. Don't underestimate the pack instinct. It's human nature.

These days I live in the suburbs of Chicago and there isn't much use for my old habits. Do you have any specific questions you'd like to pose?
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