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Re: Really, grab my wrist!

You don't have to be a girl for an attacker to grab you to get your attention. Today I learned how to defend against someone shoving me while standing face to face. I can see that happening in real life. I think that people think Aikido is all about the wrist... I don't think it is. Time to ask your teacher... Hey how can this apply in real life. If you have anyone that can do advanced techniques they will show you how as soon as you come in they react before you get a chance to grab their wrist , shoulder etc. I have seen this done and it is ohhh so cool. I remember a discussion I had with my teacher about how to make somone grab you where you want them to.. If you stick your hand out there most likely they will grab it.... etc. I hope you continue on your journey and start to think deeper about what you are doing and how you can use it. Look past what you are doing. Good luck.
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