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graham christian
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Re: Really, grab my wrist!

Hi Chris.
I agree that the movements and techniques of Aikido do indeed trace back to the samurai arts. When you give analogies to a wrist being trapped as a weapons hand from that view you are quite correct.

As I've stated before Aiki is nothing new and samurai used those principles, in fact by using those principles of motion were the only way of getting near an opponent brandishing a sword or weapon without getting killed.

In fact I would go further and say that the principles fit both the use of the weapons and the 'defence' from the same weapons.

I can quote various sources which agree with this view and no doubt others can dig up quotes of people saying the opposite.

It seems so obvious to me I wouldn't see quite how a person could not see it.

I'll end with this: To me it's not a matter of if it's more a matter of seeing how it does.

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