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Re: Really, grab my wrist!

Mark Gibbons wrote: View Post
OP here. The purpose of the grabs that I was talking about was to stop someone from punching me. Was I sure if they didn't have a knife, no. After getting the arm the serious intent was to stop them from doing anything further by using them as a weapon and hurling them into objects.

Most muggers I've entertained can't punch worth a damn. Grabbing their arm and throwing them was an untrained, but effective response.

I was interested in that the usual roles of nage and uke are pretty well jumbled. The attacker really looks like they have the nage role here as far as using aikido goes.

Hi Mark.
Regarding your view on the roles being jumbled I understand what you're saying and it's an astute observation.

The attacker is called the uke so that really means 'the person you are to harmonize with and perform a technique on.' You being attacked therefore are the 'thrower' or the nage.

Now we look at the truth of the matter. The attacker is in truth a nage. He is attacking in order to do something to you and you are the one he/she wants to hit, throw etc. So technically it starts off that way around and so takemuso actually starts at the beginning.

Hope that clears it up but as I said it's an astute observation and I'm sure many doing Aikido hav'nt realized that.

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