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Re: Really, grab my wrist!

The question is, what is meant by serious intent. Are we talking about grabbing with the intent to restrain? Or are we talking about grabbing with the intention to off balance, neutralize any defense and deliver a secondary attack?

The first choice is basically what you'd find in a non-martial confrontation. Women get grabbed and restrained by someone assaulting them. Police grab and restrain resistant subjects.
Not to belabor the obvious but, women being assaulted sounds like a martial situation to fact the most realistic one discussed here so far, as far as I can tell from a hasty review of the thread.

Why is someone trying to control your sword (like I am carrying one of those on a regular basis) more "realistic" or "martial" than trying to get away from a rapist? Grabs are intensely real to someone who has been attacked like this.
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