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Lee Salzman
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Re: Silk reeling

It's totally above my pay-grade, but since no one is biting, and maybe to stoke some discussion, I could point out some traps that I have fell into as a beginner doing things LIKE but not directly labeled silk reeling...

That "magnetic" feeling people initially get and are a bit impressed by when they first try doing it, is actually tensile quality, and it is only a self-correction aid, but not actually a state you want to carry over into real movement in application. It helps you feel where the drive is going in your body during practice, since you can't simply jump over the misdirected drive like you would in unresisted movement. But to do, say, an explosive strike, that resistive quality must absolutely be lost, and only imparted in the initial explosive movement. So, again, the resistive/tensile quality, that is felt as a sort of intuitive "magnetism", it's a training tool, but it is definitely not the goal state for martial application.

The next issue is: don't do it as the practice of one rote movement over and over. Do expand out to any and all movements that feel awkward and uncoordinated and try to make them not feel so. Doing so often highlights areas of your body that are badly connected.

Also, don't initially try to get the full tensile quality going through all the body at once. As a beginner, this is impossible anyway. Choose an area that feels "empty" when you start a session, and see if you can, over the course of the session, expand that tensile quality to the empty area so that it is now actively involved in the drive and not merely going along for the ride. Then gradually incorporate these Frankenparts of your body into a more integrated whole pattern of movement. Eventually the drive should spread to encompass most areas of the body, hopefully... Nothing going along for the ride, every area feeling like it is a critical addition to the drive.

And on the role of parts, some particularly tricky things: treat your neck and your tail(bone) as if they were 5th and 6th limbs (or if you are male, 6th and 7th ). Do pay attention to where you are driving them just like any other part. You are from monkeys, embrace it.

Hope that helps. Those are just stuff I've been working on from my own practice, but otherwise, like I said, above my paygrade.

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