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How to Be Remembered

I wish I knew who the guy was who told this one. I saw him at a corporate Annual Dinner 25 years ago, I guess.

The Joke

"If you want people to remember you, go to a big office building with lots of elevators and wait for one to fill up. Then, just before the doors close, step in, but don't turn around like everyone else. Instead, let the doors close behind you and keep facing the people in the elevator.

"And smile.

"I guarantee you, when that elevator gets to the next floor, you're gonna have it all to yourself because everybody else in that thing will get out. So you just ride to the next floor, get out, go to the next elevator and push the "UP" button. And when the doors open, all those people that got off your elevator will be on it.

"So you step in and let the doors close behind you, looking into the elevator, smiling. And you say, 'I know y'all was talkin' about me while I was gone.'"

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