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Re: Really, grab my wrist!

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
If someone doesn't really grab my wrist, I'll stab or club them.

Do you go about with a knife or club in your hand at all times?

I think you completely misunderstand aikido.

Grabs are grabs. As someone said above, especially a larger man attacking a woman, a wrist grab is very common:

And the same goes for a larger man against a smaller man, though to a lesser extent.

And we only have to remember that Sokaku Takeda's father used to punish him by putting burning incense on his fingernails. And how did Dad take control of Sokaku? Most likely a wrist grab.

Sokaku certainly spent years developing his aiki-age from wrist grabs.

I just think the idea of carrying a knife around and stabbing someone who doesn't grab you is, frankly, bizarre. I live in the city that, according to today's news, is 3rd most dangerous in the US. When I lived in Japan, I saw on CNN that Birmingham was rated #1 most dangerous city in the US. I've spent half my life walking the darkened streets of this town and I've never carried a knife or gun. And every time anyone has approached me with violent intent, for some reason, they've always changed their mind.

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
If all of this doesn't work, I have a last ditch chance with a throwing technique. If this doesn't work, I got into a fight with the wrong person, I should have had better Aiki.
Or maybe it's just that you don't understand aiki at all.

Good luck with that.


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