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Bruce Baker
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Street fighting budo verses Aikido

There is a mind set of many inner city, and sometimes suburban youths of street fighting.

This would involve the learning of both dirty tricks, and learning whatever you can from martial arts. Most of us older citizens have passed this culture by, and become the status quo of stability in our society.

My question is, for most of you younger citizens, is "how much of this street fighting mentality exists in your world?"

As practitioners in Aikido, I would hope this type of behavior is overcome as your mind and body to mature. But for my early growing years of the fifty's, sixtys, and even my early adult years of the seventies the gang culture could be seen moving about in the shadow of quiet peaceful society.

How much of this streetfighting mentality causes interest in Aikido, and the questions that poses Aikido's effectiveness against other fighting arts?
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