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Re: Really, grab my wrist!

Wow I can totally see how to use any of the first four techniques in daily life or worse in case of an attacker. They don't have to grab my wrist for me to complete a technique. If they don't grab me I am going to grab them. I think we train with the wrist as a starting point to learn from. I have seen many instances where people don't even touch you or give you the chance to touch them before you land face first on the mat. I have been watching clips of o sensei lately and the first thing he seems to like to do is put his hand in your face. genius. he walks right through someone as he puts his hand in their face. Wrist control for a female is extremely important. whats the first thing a man grabs when a mad woman is walking away.. HER ARM OR WRIST. Drunk guys will always walk up and put their arm around your shoulder. ( SANKYO or SHIONAGE) and if someone comes charging at you with a fist umm Tenkan movement and trip them and let them fall on their face. Heck the body movement alone could be a life saver... stepping off the line etc. so I don't think that we would be defenseless if someone didn't grab my wrist. I would just find theirs and apply .
Only been at this for 7 months but I do think about it daily. Sometimes when I am talking with someone I am thinking if they did .... this how would I react... Morbid I know.
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