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Re: Customs in the different countries

Carina Reinhardt wrote: View Post
... I'm thinking that we are an exception thanks to our great teacher, ...
What do you mean with exception here?
I don't understand?

... we are very lucky.
I hope, you are lucky with your teacher?
But what has this to do with my answer?

Maybe meeting people, making friends and spending time together also outside the dojo ist something you expect or you are looking for when doing aikido? And maybe your teachers gives you that?

Maybe you don't imagine that other people are looking for something different when doing aikido?

Our dojo now exists for nearly 29 years. And some of us have accompanied nearly 20 of them. Without a special teacher. But just coming together, practicing, learning, going to seminars ... But not meeting often outside the dojo.
Just practicing together. ...
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