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Re: Customs in the different countries

Carina Reinhardt wrote: View Post
Even when people move to another country, like here to Spain they get very fast used to our costum.
Same here.

We have a little spanish community here in my hometown. And they also acclimate fast.

Well but this is natural because if you don't respect the customs of the community you live in, you simply send the wrong signals. You are just not understood and con not express yourself in the right way.
So the spanish people who live an work here just shake hands when meeting. Or nod.

I think it is always good to express emotions good or bad, it is not good to keep them inside.
This is a different point.
Well, you can express emotions in very different ways - if you want to. And as I said: I can "read" people who live here.
And they usually can "read" my emotions.
I can not read the emotions behind certain costums, which are connected to love, friendship, family and so on in my context. But are used in other cultures also in different oder just "normal" contexts.

But: Whether it is desirable at all to express emotions or not is a question in its own right, I think. And there are different answers in different cultures for different reasons.

For you it may be desirable to express your emotions directly. I don't like this and I become nearly suspicious when someone does in a "normal" context.

Maybe I don't get your questions or statements right because I assume that people are a little bit informed about different costums in different countries. So I am looking for the question behind the question ... ;-)
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