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Re: Customs in the different countries

Charles David Henderson wrote: View Post
Well, as I never tire of saying, please address me as David.

And you're surely entitled to you feelings and thoughts.

I personally enjoyed visiting Espana both times I had the opportunity to.

Still, let me ask you -- if the point of this thread is to celebrate some perceived features of "Spanish" culture (even if for understandable reasons) why do you see this a spiritual topic and not an open discussion?

Was it not your thesis in the OP that it is good to physically express these emotions? Did you not ask what folks do in other countries?

Why retreat behind "that's just my opinion" when you get responses to your question suggesting you look beneath appearances?

It seems to preclude a meaningful exchange.
Sorry David, I'm not so used to this forum to distinguish what post belongs to what item. Tell Jun to put it wherever he likes, I don't care.
Yes I think it is always good to express emotions good or bad, it is not good to keep them inside.
And I agree with you that it is easy to misunderstand another culture's unspoken rules about personal space and touching by reading into them the messages or intentions or personal qualities of one's own. Everybody costums deserves respect.
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