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It always blows me away that someone can be such a delicate genius that they could pull such an attitude.

It's like they don't realize that *everything* is a learning opportunity.

How can the point be missed in such a horrendous way?

Well, naturally i understand what he means. From a kyu perspective, how can I "teach" what I don't know. sometimes it's better to go with the flow (as long as you don't get physically abused). It's just proper protocol. Junior students should not instruct senior students. If the senior student is incorrect, leave it alone. Either another senior will correct it, or not.

Yes every opportunity is a learning opportunity. But there is entirely too much talking and touchy feely stuff going on, while training. Let folks train. what the junior student should focus on is taking ukemi. Ukemi is critical and will save your behind many times, when a technique is done correctly AND incorrectly.

Also, not everyone wants immediate feedback. It's a bit intrusive to think that someone wants an opinion that wasn't asked for. Particularly from a junior student, regardless as to whether the junior is right or wrong. I used to train with someone who felt it was his place to interpose his opinion at every opportunity. It was disruptive and many of us in the class. Sometimes, being "right" is not the point. Not intruding on another's training experience is a priority, I would think.

Let the senior students and sensei's/instructors do the teaching. the most a junior should offer, is what is felt...

AND let's keep in mind that too much talking, leads to disagreements and loads of mis-understandings.

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