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Customs in the different countries

When I go in our dojo early after bowing to the photo of O'Sensei before we begin our class I greet all the collegues, some of them with two kisses in both cheecks. When they pass a test we also congratulate them with two kisses. When we go to a seminar we greet the collegues we know with kisses and when we meet new ones do the same. I kissed Ch. Tissier when I saw him in Malaga after going to 2 of his seminars before. We everytime kiss Frank Noel Sensei when we see him again and when we say good bye. I think it is a good custom in Spain and in most of latin countries in Argentina too, but there we use only one kiss.I asked a friend of Gran Canaria who lives in Kobe, Japan about japanese customs, he told me it would be very strange if I would do so in Japan, although they would understand because I'm not japanese. I think it is good to express the feelings.
I wonder how it is in your countries?
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