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Re: Future of Aikido

HI folks.
I fully agree with what Mary says. I think it's quite sensible from the way she puts it.

Sometimes I shock people by saying ' in my religion worrying is a sin.'

I think when she says worry she means worry which is the modus operandi of many and is a waste of time, completely. She doesn't mean to not be responsible for, it's seeing this difference that is needed from my view. In fact I would say worry is inverted responsibility.

To look at with a clear mind, to face without fear, to act and handle in a calm efficient manner. Isn't that more budo? Isn't that wiser? Isn't that responsible? As I said worry is a waste of time.

Mary points out present time and don't care about the future and acceptance. Once again I believe it's understanding what is meant here.

Acceptance. I see acceptance relating directly with center. This includes accepting the scene as it is, in now. On so doing there is is no 'yeah but' for that only shows your lack of acceptance and thus lack of center. The aim is surely to remain centered, therefore practice accepting all. Once again don't care is to do with worry and so a responsible person can say that but maybe for sake of not being misunderstood maybe should say I don't worry about it.

Finally, to do with past and future. I didn't hear her say she's never studied any history. So I suggest a better understanding of what is meant by being in the present rather than assuming it means no responsibility for past or future. That leaves the major point about the future of Aikido.

Let me run this by you. If a person is doing Aikido in the present, doing it well, receiving all those who want to learn, delivering what is offered, then they are operating in a stable space. They are on line so to speak. They are responsible. If others do the same then you have a good overall scene. If they communicate to each other you have a network and maybe also an organization.

Then along comes worry disguised as a friend and destroys it all. Very simplistic I know but done so to emphasise a point.

In my view even if I study greats of the past then I find they didn't worry abt. the future. They got on with what they were passionate abt. and practiced and delivered and didn't care what others thought. They created their own space, their own scene and maintained their center so to speak. Some, like some famouse artists or musicians were only recognised after their death. To me that's budo also. Of course you can also share with others etc. but the point is FAITH and CONFIDENCE in what you are doing far outweighing worrying abt others. For in my humble opinion that is what moves mountains.


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