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Re: Future of Aikido

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
i respectfully disagree. the future of good quality aikido is not assured and should be our concern. the number of aikidoka across the globe doesn't speak to the quality of aikido. that's the under lying concern in most threads on aikiweb. ask yourself this. have you achieved the level of aikido as your teacher? have any of your students achieved your level of aikido? what about their students? then do the math for next few generations out. say that you have only achieve 80% of your teacher. your student achieve 80% or your. their 80% of their. the math will tell a better tale.

we want to assure the future of aikido. then we should be better than our teachers. and our students should be better than us.
Hi Phi -

Therein lies the rub Phi. Show me the math. Show me your yardstick for measuring how "good" someone is at Aikido. Define what you mean by "level of Aikido" in rigorous quantifiable terms. Then show me how past results must be indicative of future performance.


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