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Re: Future of Aikido

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
The future of Aikido is not important to me.
Francis Takahashi wrote:
It seems to me that if an idea is truly valid, that nothing can prevent its continued development and acceptance.
Hi Francis -

Both Mary and I believe that the idea that is Aikido is not only truly valid but increasingly relevant in our modern age so besotted with the glorification of violence. If you look at the first sentence of her OP in the light of the first sentence of your post then her real meaning becomes clear. The truth of the matter is that nothing will prevent the development and acceptance of Aikido, that the future of Aikido in this global sense is assured and therefore need not concern us.

Francis Takahashi wrote:
Admit it now, you do really care about Aikido's future as I do, humbly accepting of the fact that we may not have much to say about how it happens.
I hope that you can see now that we do indeed care about the future of Aikido in the small realm where we have a temporary say in the form of its future. This is where our commitment lies.

All the Best,

Ron & Mary
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