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Re: Buying my First Bokken

Barbara Harris wrote: View Post
I've only been doing Aikido for 8 month, but I know i'm serious about it. I go to class 5 days a week 8 classes total, so I figured it's time to get my own bokken. I'm nervous.

My questions being i've done a lot of research which amounted to more questions then I started with. My sensei said he doesn't care as long as it has a tip (no cut off tips) and has a tsuba he stated White oak as a 'traditional' choice.

I'm thinking of the wood as maybe Cherry or Isu (I like the color and was told they are both good woods for alot of use). I'm about 5' 3'' and usually use a lighter bokken i'm not sure if I should go with a short version or long. I'm sorry if this is stated some were else. I'm not sure were the best place to buy one is either. Thank you very very much any information is appreciated.

You might consider a standard kendo bokken with a leather tsuba. You should be able to order one of these from any reputable online retailer of japanese martial arts supplies.

If you can afford it, though, I would get the kingfisher Aikiken with tsuba - just the lowest-grade "sanded" model, and you might feel as if its too nice to train with at that. These bokken have probably the best combination of tsuba strength and wieldliness, I think.
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