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Re: Suburi bokken

Cliff Judge wrote: View Post
Or you can do like a guy I know who trains Jiki shinkage ryu, he went out and got himself a log and did some rudimentary whittling of one end so he can get his hands around it, and he just swings that around.
Funny you should say that - I have a tree branch from the back garden that I did just that to. :-D Unfortunately after it dried completely it's also only just under one kg.

Michael Vlug wrote: View Post
I have no idea how much this one weighs, but it's the one I train with. It's a lot heavier than the 'standard' bokken most of the people at our dojo use... y_id=2
That looks like a very nice bokken! But it looks suspiciously like the one I have for partner practice. If you happen to have a chance to weigh yours I'd be interested to hear what it weighs.

Ok so a quick google found this:

Just the weight I want. Might be the best option.

I know someone who at least used to make aikido weapons - I think I'll ask them as well before deciding. Thanks for the tips so far, keep them coming!

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