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Re: Future of Aikido

Tough to read someone talking about the future of aikido,
Then talking about the fact that they don't care about it.
Then drawing attention to their own "now"
All while calling the statements of others "whining." and it discounting them from being in their own now. Insinuating that their research is somehow less than and expresses a weakness.

There have been several recent damning comments of others efforts to include casting doubts on your fellow senior Aikido teachers evaluations who see value in going outside of aikido to explore IP/aiki, Yet, those who make these statements are not to be found among those who have gone out to meet and train with other people being discussed. You stay away from it, and do not approach it while condemning it.
I think this type of narrative is counter productive to any genuine recognition of your peers and seniors efforts and views. What it does is help close doors, cause a separation and ends discussion among peers with good intentions.
It can lead to protectionism and circling the wagons.
There is a good analogy to this mindset in the life of acorporation:

First entrepreneurial spirit and creation
then defining a brand or product
then setting a standard by competing
then sitting on your laurels believing you have it all and failing to grow
then being out of touch with the R&D of the present market
then leaving old exec's to be complacent
then prolonged decline
then failure

There are so many teachers who actually do care about the future of the art, and who are making it. They are not whining, they are doing R&D...
They are most certainly the now.
All parties are part of the narrative and of what the future of aikido is going to be.


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