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Re: Future of Aikido

It seems to me that if an idea is truly valid, that nothing can prevent its continued development and acceptance. Conversely, it an idea is inherently invalid, then no action taken can keep it viable for long.

The Founder, and the countless other great teachers and thinkers of human history, did their work in the Now, realizing that their “nows” were the key connections to the past and the future of their respective purposeful contributions.

Agree that there is no useful need to dwell on what may be for anything. Yet we have learned that to ignore or forget the past, dooms us to repeat our mistakes again in the future. The plight of any future does depend on enlightened planning, and the follow through of persistence.

Aikido to me is an idea, with a chain of historical authenticity, that is valid mainly because of its tradition of forward thinking, coordinated effort and purposeful planning by teachers dedicated to such a transmission of truth.

I do not believe your first sentence at all, Mary. You and Ron are excellent teachers, carrying forward your unique versions of the Founder’s gift of genius. Admit it now, you do really care about Aikido’s future as I do, humbly accepting of the fact that we may not have much to say about how it happens.

in oneness,
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