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Re: Future of Aikido

Hi Mary,

I don't post on here often but wanted to ask something. Firstly let me say that agree that being mindful and "present" is very important when we are on the mat and it is something we should strive for, unfettered by outside concerns. In this sense I agree with you, but I think there is a time and place for "worrying" about the future.

You say that the future of aikido isn't important but I'm wondering what your views on Aikido continuing or ceasing are? As in; is there not some benefit to being mindful/caring of the future to ensure that there is continuation? Is it not laudable, to try and ensure that others get to experience the pleasure that you, I and many others, get from daily training? I have spoken to people who would not want to be involved in teaching because they are only interested in training and I can understand this, but what happens if everyone has this approach? When no one considers who will be teaching next week, next year, in X years time, how will aikido be practiced?

The reasons that I got involved with teaching were varied but the one that is apt to this topic is that I enjoy training so much I felt that I wanted to help people find that same passion for enjoyment of training I have. Without any concern for the future or taking stock of the past I feel that we could be doing the futherment of aikido a disservice.

I'm not saying we should fret or worry but, off of the mat, I believe we should allow ourselves to be informed by the past, allowing it and our daily experience guide our actions to bring about a pleasant future for others to be able to enjoy what we have had.

Kindest regards

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