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Re: Suburi bokken

Pauliina Lievonen wrote: View Post
All this talk of boken reminded me - I'd really like to have a heavy suburi one.

I have a suburi jo, it's about 1,4 kg (about 3 pounds?) and just a bit under my length, maybe 160cm? It's great because every slight mistake can be felt and seen immediately.

But my heaviest bokken is 900 grams and it just doesn't give that kind of feedback, I can control it too easily. I've actually done some practice with the jo, but its length isn't practical for some sword movements.

So I'd really like a bokken that's around 1,4-1,5 kg for occasional testing of movement.

Anyone an idea if such a thing exists? Or is it going to have to be a custom job?

What I have been able to tell is that most suburito that are shaped like swords are 1kg or a little less.

If you are looking for heavier than that, there is a kind of bokken called a furibo - its octogonal in profile and I understand you can get weights that you can put on it for even more weight.

Or you can do like a guy I know who trains Jiki shinkage ryu, he went out and got himself a log and did some rudimentary whittling of one end so he can get his hands around it, and he just swings that around.
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