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Re: Buying my First Bokken

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Mary-You do make a really good point. I'm leaning toward a white oak or Isu. Do you remember were you got yours from? Thanks.
Argh, wish I could help! It was part of a bunch of weapons my then-sensei ordered from Japan. He has since moved on to the West Coast, alas (this was a few years back). Others will have more recent purchasing experience that's definitely more relevant here. Obviously I don't have experience with lots of different kinds of wood -- all I can tell you is that Japanese white oak is tough and resilient and a great wood for a bokken that gets plenty of real use.

Also, if you don't have a weapons bag yet, you might want to see what happens when Bujin rises from the ashes. They were for many years a most respected supplier of gear, went out of business fairly recently (about a year ago) and rumor has it they are coming back in some form. If so, you may want to save your money for a Bujin weapons bag. Mine has been dragged from dojo to dojo for years, See, now you've got me getting all sentimental about my weapons and my bag. Well, there are a lotta good memories there, and it really be the last weapons bag you'll ever buy.
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