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Chuck Clark
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I agree with what you said above, Chris. I see trends that have developed over the years that are interesting, to say the least.

I saw Tohei at the US Judo Nationals in 1964, I think it was. (some of my memories are melting together these days!) Lots of water under the bridge since then.

I think the fragmenting is a natural and good thing. I agree with some things and, of course, disagree with others. That's the nature of human stuff.

What I do think is exciting and a powerful force that will change things is the amount of information that is available now and the openess that many teachers and students have with sharing and widening their perspective.

I suspect that these wider perspectives will, in time, possibly bring many people that have only experienced one flavor of aikido back to budo practice that expresses the paradox of violence vs peace, etc. and often brings about the transcendence of these dualities.

In truth, I'm interested and involved in this exchange of philosophy, etc. but what I'm really into is my own practice and widening my view and becoming more aware and sensitive to what's around us. We all have much to learn from each other.


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