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Morgan wrote:

However, if you are advocating taking atemi in the face as opposed to trying to block it or avoid it,

No no no! I wasn't actually aiming any of my last post at your comment. When I see something coming for my chin hard and fast, I'll fall under it. I was replying to the first message.
[Actually, to add to what you're saying, we often train to get hit in the face (at slow speeds!!!) Our sensei reckons we'll lock up when facial contact is made if we're not used to it. I reckon I'll lock up anyhow.]

My Sensei insists on sincere, full strength attacks too. (I'm not sure who chillzATL is doubting there...)

re ukemi... http://gargas.biomedicale.univ-paris...ts/ukemi1.html
an article by Angel Alvarez, 5th dan aikikai. Not so much stuff we wouldn't know as the things we do know expressed better than most of us could manage. And it kind of raises the original question in the thread as one of it's points...

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