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Re: Budo renshu/budo keiko

Hello Mr Martindale,

I did not receive this impression from Carl's post. There is a discussion in another thread, entitled, The Essence of Training. In connection with that discussion, I asked my own (Japanese) students, after training in Hiroshima, what they understood as the difference between keiko and renshuu. They all agreed that in some contexts the terms were interchangeable, but stressed that the nuance of keiko (applicable to other traditional arts, apart form aikido--which some of them also practise) was that it normally takes place under the direction of the teacher or 'sensei'. 'Renshuu' did not have this nuance, though, of course, one could also use the term renshuu for training under a teacher's supervision. So in Noh (drama), for example, training in the stage movements and the lines uttered, under the eyes of a teacher, is one of the meanings given for keiko. One might call this rehearsing, as in a play, but I know from experience (I have some Japanese friends who have practised Noh since they were children) that keiko means more than this.

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