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Re: Spiritual Discipline Driils-Ki (ip?)

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Hi Graham,

thanks for the link. I will give it some proper attention when I get back, and let you know my thoughts. Right now I'm dashing for an early morning train.


Hi Graham,

I've had a chance to look at a few of the videos on the channel you suggest.

My initial thoughts are "what is he doing stealing some of the exact words I use myself"

I will certainly continue to watch more, I like the way that they are all exploring and looking for the path of least resistance. The teacher is patient and perceptive and seems to me to be the embodiment of what he is teaching, respect to him and to his teachers.

I particularly like that uke Don gets a bit frustrated at times, which seems to me to be a very real reaction to trying to get it right, which is precisely the point, the frustration is because of the trying.

Hats off to the guys for putting their stuff out there for people to take what they want from.

If I were to nit pick at all, I would question why they allowed their arms to be so easily trapped against their bodies, personally I prefer to keep space between the two (space created by mind not by muscle). Just a small thing, they still seemed to be able to make it work though, so I will experiment with that myself.

Thanks for the recommendation,



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