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Re: Really, grab my wrist!

From my phone.
We have zero disagreement. I was making two points.

1. When weapons are mentioned aikio-ka frequently default to samurai weapons. You have too good of an education to defend that or correct me...thus we agree. No surprise there.
2. Please review my other point. I said aikido weapons are meant for aikido movement..and THAT is not be equated with being created BY weapons. To which it seems...we also agree.
in essence when I hear aikido/ weapons/ samurai...I think..that ain't weapons.
What they do with a weapon in their hand is aikido movement...with a weapon in their hand. Which is not the overarching historical term for weapons in japanese history..least of all bushi.
IOW, were Saotome senseis goals in creating his two sword forms meant to aid in aikido movement..or to state this is what the samurai did? They were and are different things.
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