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Re: Really, grab my wrist!

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
. One of the shihans stood up and said something along the lines of "We have to stop demonstrating sword. The audience is too educated and they are laughing at us."
This is sad, but has to do more with the politics of Aikido, and people caring about how they look to others. Irrelevant to our discussion.

It has pretty much been agreed that
1. Aikido demonstrates aikido movement using a weapon to demonstrate aikido movement
I see this as a reasonable conclusion, however that doesn't change the fact that all of the techniques found in Aikido's syllabus were designed to deal with weapons confrontation.

2. They do not use classical weapons theory (Samurai arts) to create Aikido movement
Who is they, the Shihan? Wy is "Samurai arts" in parentheses? What do you mean by "create Aikido movment"?


Trouble arises when aikido people are not told this upfront and believe their art is based on weapons.
This is not the trouble. the trouble is that people hear this and then think they are going to get into a boxing match and win with Aikido. Or people don't understand when they are "told upfornt" that Aikido is based around weapons work and yet still believe it has some application in an MMA match. Or when people ignore the foundation of Aikido techniques, and believe that they can defeat the local wrestling club using a system (Aikido) that was not designed for wrestling.

it is best to rise above individual statements and look to pedigree
This is an elitist statement. I resent it on a personal level, but as an argument I only understand it's significance from the stand point of one who does not question. You yourself have said many times how you didn't listen to people who've told you things abou the internal martial arts, or Daito ryu etc. I don't know why you of all people would make this statement.

I can assure you in light of the full spectrum of what Japanese Samurai arts actually are, and Aikido's rather remarkable absence from being counted among them,
Aikido is a modern martial art, the Samurai are dead, no one is saying that we should be Samurai, or that Aikido teaches us to be Samurai; or at least I'm not saying that. I'm much more interestd in modern martial arts.

However this still does not change the fact that the techniques found in Aikido came from a weapons based, particularly blade based culture. These techniques (which date back before Ueshiba) were designed around weapons use. The weapon you are using today, doesn't have to be a sword, to could be a knife, asp baton, broken bottle, firearm, taser etc. Remaining free to use your weapon hand is the goal in Aikido technique, that's why we train against a wrist grab; it's really very simple.

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