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Making a knot on a medium that is unsuitable to be knotted, exactly. Stressing the knot aspect dives into an esoteric tradition too (thence the link).

musubi is another side of it - feeling the adversary, merging with his/her directions. Indeed, it is "binding".

What I am emphasizing here is that musubi normally doesn't put enough stress on the fact that we not only tie up with the adversary momentuum: our gestures are, actually, like making knots in the void. This becomes particularly apparent with katas.

The reason I am stressing this is the following: if you start thinking about your techniques as knots, you may invent them on the spot (with due cautions when training, of course): they may start flowing out of your hands by themselves.

It is one of the ways ("my way"?) to attain the ultimate idea: there isn't but _one_ technique.

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