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Re: Spiritual Discipline Driils-Ki (ip?)

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Hi Mr.Harden.
Wow! As to what you are getting at I havn't got a clue. You obviously are confused. Why else would you come up with such a silly statement?
Firstly you want to deny my understanding of Aiki existing way before aikido and used by the samurai. Then my view of O'Sensei changing the purpose. Thus seeing the difference. Well to me it's obvious if not to you. So be it.
Let me try a different approach with your terms
There is no one I know of who will accurately define and reach an undesputed agreement on what is supposed to be:
old aiki or old IP
juxtaposed to Daito ryu's aiki or IP
justaposed to Ueshiba's aiki or New IP
That was why i said you were painting yourself into a corner. You took on a very large topic.

Secondly to do with the video. Your explanation of it is quite absurd. He, if you watch every physical movement, could be said purely on that basis to be doing jujutsu, judo,aikijujutsu,aikido,wrestling......need I go on. So picking out one technique based on jujutsu as an example of old aiki is a rather stupid thing to say really for all Aikido techniques are based on that. So that would then answer your question as to where in the video do I see any Aiki.
Anyway, enough tittle tattle.
I see Aikido, Aiki, Ki and more expressed in that video obviously otherwise I wouldn't be saying it's similar to what I do would I?
To help you out I suggest you listen carefully to what is being said. Ki and expansion of Ki is mentioned on numerous occasions. When he mentions force will get you nowhere in performing the technique and then tells the guy how he's all constricted what do you think he's talking about? He is talking about constricted Ki. Then connection is mentioned and the difference it makes is shown. We have therefore some of the principles of Aikido being expressed and taught so why you are confused I don't know
It doesn't matter to me what he was saying. He was doing jujutsu. There are dozens of people here who would agree with that assessment as well. Please note" I did not say anything about what he can or cannot do or does or does not know...or anything else. Just that what he was doing can be shown instantly. Anyone can be taught to relax and redirect a straight vector force-it doesn't make it aiki or Ki or whatever.
As far as words go:
You can also see some very high level jujutsu being done on video by Don Angeir within which he said..." crap.".
So there are a couple of guys with different opinions..
Lets assume that other than these jujutsu principles, there are many things that teacher knows that he is not showing. Let's assume that there are many other things I know that I am not saying.
As to IP? Who knows, you're the expert on that so you tell me if it has any in it.
Thats not condusive to a good discussion. No one here is an expert okay? It's not a contest...
If we end up disagreeing, let's do so as gentlemen
Just say'n

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