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Re: Spiritual Discipline Driils-Ki (ip?)

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Mr. Christian
In order to make the statements contained in your post, a) you are claiming an understanding of the aiki of the past, b) an understanding of the aii of the founder and c) understanding of the differences.
You then went on to offer this video which you stated was a reflection of what you do.

I would only suggest that you have painted yourself into a corner.
The teacher in that video, in an attempt to explain how to get off the wall to his frustrated student, failed to offer very simple.....VERY simple and clear explanations for what he himself was doing..

And what he did do...wait for it.....was know...the old stuff the samurai did. Where did you see Aiki or IP or KI expressed in the movements? Just mention it... like at 1:25 or something like that...maybe I missed it.
I am very confused as to what your talking points are and I suspect others are as well.
Just say'n
Hi Mr.Harden.
Wow! As to what you are getting at I havn't got a clue. You obviously are confused. Why else would you come up with such a silly statement?
Firstly you want to deny my understanding of Aiki existing way before aikido and used by the samurai. Then my view of O'Sensei changing the purpose. Thus seeing the difference. Well to me it's obvious if not to you. So be it.
Secondly to do with the video. Your explanation of it is quite absurd. He, if you watch every physical movement, could be said purely on that basis to be doing jujutsu, judo,aikijujutsu,aikido,wrestling......need I go on. So picking out one technique based on jujutsu as an example of old aiki is a rather stupid thing to say really for all Aikido techniques are based on that. So that would then answer your question as to where in the video do I see any Aiki.
Anyway, enough tittle tattle.
I see Aikido, Aiki, Ki and more expressed in that video obviously otherwise I wouldn't be saying it's similar to what I do would I?
To help you out I suggest you listen carefully to what is being said. Ki and expansion of Ki is mentioned on numerous occasions. When he mentions force will get you nowhere in performing the technique and then tells the guy how he's all constricted what do you think he's talking about? He is talking about constricted Ki. Then connection is mentioned and the difference it makes is shown. We have therefore some of the principles of Aikido being expressed and taught so why you are confused I don't know.
As to IP? Who knows, you're the expert on that so you tell me if it has any in it.
Finally I say this: The video was suggested, on a separate post to the other things you mention, as something the person I was addressing may like to see as we have a few similar views in the realm of Aikido. I'm sure you must of understood that context at least. On that same post I say that the guy has many worth seeing and by his reply he understood what that meant as he said he would study THEM and let me know what he thought. Did you study THEM?
Now if you're ready to tell me what's really bugging you feel free but it can't be what you wrote above, surely.
No offence intended, except by calling you Mr.
Feel free to communicate for I certainly won't be offended.
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