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Bruce said:
Even if you were drugged up, your body would recieve these signals to the brain until either unconsciousness would occur, or serious injury. If you have never been knocked out, then I guess you don't know the involuntary feeling of body shutdown to protect the living organism. Signals sent through nerve endings signifying pain ... also called, pressure points.
Bruce, I don't know much about the anatomy of the nervous system, but I do know that you may have made a mistake there. Drugs, whether natural or artificial, do indeed block, cancel or divert pain signals - how does anasthaetic work? I think you're arguing two points: pain and injury. The two don't necessarily correlate. By that I mean, nikkyo works on me (for instance), because to not submit would cause injury to the wrist - the intense pain advertises that. No direct pressure point - the temple, upper lip, jaw, any in the neck, shoulder, ribs, arms, etc. affect me because a) I can accept high levels of pain, and b), if I have an elevated level of adrenaline, I can voluntarily suppress - block completely - pain signals from a pain source. (This does not take any sort of mystical yoga training, or anything like that - just desire and a small amount understanding about what's happening to your body.) To put it bluntly; pressure points not associated with potential joint injury simply do not work on me, and I'm in no way rare in this.

And yes, I've dealt with this in real life.

Anyway, that's enough of pressure points. I'd like to respond to the original question, now that my protests have been logged.

Would I, if required, kill to protect my life? Yes - I know that because I've been faced with that situation. Would I, if possible, do everything in my power to avoid taking the final measure? Yes, for exactly the same reason.

Answers are only easy when they're incomplete.
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