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Re: Belt color importance

Ashley Carter wrote: View Post
1.) Maybe he was having an off day
2.) Maybe what he was doing was new to him (not everyone does weapon work the same way- even in the same affiliation)
3.) I wouldn't have said anything. I just would have let him do his thing and I would have done my thing. At the last seminar I attented, I wasn't sure of who was senior to me and there were times my partner was doing something wrong or insisting I do it wrong and I either said "Lets watch another group for a sec." or just kept doing it wrong until the sensei came around and corrected us. I didn't feel like it was my place to correct them because I had no idea where they stood in their training. Sure, I looked like I didn't know what I was doing, but I would rather that then put my foot in my mouth.
4.) If this happened a few years ago, why are you bring this up now?
It can be rather amusing to watch this turn into a game of Aikido Telephone.

I wonder if you could incorperate that into a learning game for youth programs with the story line that everyone has the responsibility to watch Sensie when learning a technique. Hmm, might take some tweaking.
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