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Re: 5th kyu shihans

I was on a Summer Camp one year and was working with George (Ledyard) and he asked me why I was moving my head around when we were working on irminage and then pointed out why it was dangerous... At no stage did I take it as him criticising me, it led to us having a small chat about my background in Aikido and I know I felt as if someone had pointed out something to me that was kind of important for me to *not* do.

Of course... later on I was working with someone else who was doing a completely different technique to what Ikeda sensei had shown and when I suggested that I thought we were supposed to be doing ikkyo his response was 'What? are you asking me or telling me? Who do you think you are?' in a fairly aggressive way. He was a kyu grade and felt very offended for some reason or other, I just bowed out and said I thought it best he train with someone else.

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