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Re: 5th kyu shihans

Working with beginners is a challenge for any student. The best advice I have is try to see the positive. Beginners may be behaving more like someone on the street than a "trained Aikidoka." Observe carefully their reaction. Some beginners may try to challenge you, I think they just need to feel competent sometimes! They aren't really good at anything yet. Positive feedback! Try to be understanding of the difficulties they face. If you can somehow make this a pleasant experience for them then they may be more receptive. On the other hand I do find it odd that they are giving you advice! Hopefully people "play nice" in the dojo. Could be as you said some male/female role modeling going on. Just have "positive mind" and just nod and smile when they give you some advice and ignore it if it is not relevant. Again a lot of people give advice because it makes them feel competent. You could possibly try to work with those offenders when you have technique you feel it would be easier to work on with them. Then choose one of your "favorites" for the more advanced techniques. Leading is a more advanced topic than most beginners can handle so maybe do a version of the technique without it to start out. Try to just focus on bettering yourself versus locking horns with these guys and you'll come out ahead!
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