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Re: Spiritual Discipline Driils-Ki (ip?)

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Hi Mark. Copying a joke and yet not understanding was precisely my point was it not?
Measure? It's not subjective at all. Why worry about scientists measuring? You measure all the time don't you? You can measure how comfortable you are at a certain move or technique and thus understand where you need more practice. You can measure how much focus you are applying, you can measure how well you kept center or not, you can measure what type of intention or feeling you were expressing.
Responsibility lies not with others but with self.
Hi Graham,

Personally I'm not worried about anyone measuring what I do, and I fully agree that responsibility lies with self. All of my own measures against what I am feeling or not feeling though, are subjective. The only objective measure, is to see the affect that I have on things or people externally. If I affect another on an immesurable level spirit/psyche/mental, then where do we go with that? We only have the others subjective report on what happened.

I say all this, because it seems many folk are asking/looking for physical explanations of states that are not only physical. They are wanting the humour to be described in the words, sometimes humour is in the timing, sometimes it is in what is not there, sometimes it is in the expectation of the opposite. The words are only the transport mechanism for the 'funny'.



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