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Re: New dojo/new student

When I opened my dojo is was really interesting, having to show students such basics as how to line up and how to bow! I really had to think about these things. Also, just explaining the ki development exercises we always do at the start of class was a challenge. Also, since they are all beginners then it is not possible to pair someone up with a more experienced person so I was always running back and forth to help the newbie pairs. Putting a website out there helped tremendously finding new students. Now that the dojo is more established I realize what a commitment I made. I never really thought how things would be beyond getting it started. There are always different challenges and that makes it so interesting. This is the 4th year now. As for the first class I like to teach katate te tori shiho nage tenkan on the first class. Breaking the technique down is useful. Then I can describe mirror hamni and why it is useful. Choke is another good one, or shoulder grab ikkyo. I am thinking of practical things they could use if this was their first and last class. Surely things will not be quite like you thought they'd be, students will present different challenges and you will respond to them. I would focus on selling the students on what they can get out of the style and ask them what brought them to your door. I do like to have new students fill out a waiver and information form when they start. Most of all I recommend focusing on your own development. If you become better they will become better also.
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